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Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2 (PRE-ORDER: publishing July 2019)

Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2 (PRE-ORDER: publishing July 2019)

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PRE-ORDER: Publishing July 2019 - includes the special edition Abeego beeswax wrap!

Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2 is a kid's picture book sequel to its multi award-winning and Kickstarter-backed predecessor, Quest-terrestrials Vol. 1!

Vol. 2 has the Q-ts discover that planet Earth is in trouble and drowning in garbage, but it's a good news story focusing on what people from around the globe are doing to help, no matter their life circumstance. In true Q-t fashion, they end the book on a hilarious "personal" note. 

Since the book is meant to inspire kids to reduce the waste on our planet, each book includes a special edition Abeego beeswax wrap! If you're unfamiliar with the original beeswax food wrap that breathes, you can check them out at: 

Vol.1 Kirkus Reviews:

"Krol’s art has plenty of kid appeal, and the rough, cartoonish style is perfect for enhancing the text’s sense of humor. Though it has supporting themes about friendship and imagination, the biggest appeal here is that it’s just plain fun. Expect plenty of giggles—from children and parents." - Kirkus Reviews

What People Are Saying about Vol. 1

“Lovely book for the whole family. Light-hearted, hilarious, and so unique. The illustrations are what make this book such a beauty. My 5 year-old’s reaction was “read it again”!“ - Amazon Customer

“The moral lessons in the book are numerous: just be yourself, look out for one another, don’t be afraid to try new things, diversity is a good and healthy thing— just to name a few. You can read this book multiple times and find more lessons that you can point out to your little one.“ - Amazon Customer

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