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Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2

Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2 is a kid's picture book sequel to its multi award-winning and Kickstarter-backed predecessor, Quest-terrestrials Vol. 1! The first book introduced us to the loveable, pint-sized aliens (Q-ts) who taught us about space adventure, friendship, farts, and that exploring life and celebrating it with others, no matter where you come from, is where its at.

Vol. 2 has the Q-ts discover that planet Earth is in trouble and drowning in garbage, but it's a good news story focusing on what people from around the globe are doing to help, no matter their life circumstance. The story is meant to inspire and empower the reader to do what they can by starting where they are. In true Q-t fashion, they end the book on a hilarious "personal" note. 

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