Award-Winning Author + Illustrator



Malgosia’s first loves in life were drawing, telling stories and big hair. Originally from Poland, she immigrated to Canada in the early 90's (remember them?), and currently lives with her family in Victoria, BC. Her background is in landscape architectural technology, design, and small business, but writing and illustrating wooed her at a young age. Her first indie published kid's book Quest-terrestrials Vol. 1 is named to KIRKUS REVIEWS’ Best Books of 2018. It also earned a Kirkus Star and is named KIRKUS REVIEWS’ Indie Best Book of the Month (July 2018). At the moment she is working on Quest-terrestrials Vol. 2 and has also written and illustrated a dozen other books, patiently waiting to be published under her indie name Sówka Publishing. She hopes to one day hitch a free ride into outer space (preferably on a unicorn, but a dragon will do too).

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